Sardar Samand Lake Palace

One of the best road trips from Jodhpur, the man-made Sardar Samand Lake is a favourite among those looking for a weekend getaway from the city. Situated approximately 50 km away, it is one of the more pristine lakes present in the region, with countless migratory birds approaching its banks to enjoy this serene location. Atop the hill overlooking the lake, is the former summer palace of the royal family, now converted into one of the most coveted heritage hotels in Rajasthan, giving travellers a true essence of living in a regal era.

While its prime attraction is the breathtaking view of Sardar Samand lake, the palace also offers a tennis court, squash courts, oriental gardens, swimming pools, cycling and jogging trails, and a boathouse. The grand palace and its interiors are designed in the charming Art Deco style, with 19 air-conditioned rooms which are well-stocked to provide visitors with all the luxuries required to perfect their stay at this resort. By the lake, one can see fascinating bird species like the yellow-legged green pigeon, the Himalayan Griffon and the Dalmatian Pelican. Animals like the blue bull, gazelles, and the blackbuck may also be seen beating the heat at this watering hole. The Sardar Samand Lake and the Palace make for a perfect weekend getaway, to spend some time in tranquility, away from the din of the city life.