Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is the largest and brightest room of the five historic rooms present in the Mehrangarh Fort. Literally translating to mean – Palace of Pearls. It has earned this title as the finely crushed seashells and lime plaster brilliantly combine together to give it a pearly, polished look to its magnificent surface. The exquisite room is an aesthetic dream come true and is adorned with complementary design elements of gold leaves, seashells, mirrors, and the colourful windows, all coming together to please the eye. History buffs will find it interesting to know that the five alcoves located in the room were actually hidden balconies, through which the five queens of the Maharaja would silently listen to the proceedings.

As the king’s main hall for carrying out his daily duties regarding his subjects, this is the largest and grandest room of the fort. The walls are made of a mixture of lime plaster and finely crushed seashells, giving it a pearly finish, hence the name Moti Mahal. These walls are punctuated with colourfully stained glass windows, throwing an array of colour into the room. The royal throne was placed at the head of the chamber in the centre, with cushions provided along the sides of the room for seating of the ministers during private meetings. The final touch comes from the ceiling, adorned with gold leaves, seashells and mirrors to give the place a complete air of regality. This magnificent hall is said to be the site for the coronation ceremony of many rulers of Jodhpur.