Mango Milkshake

For an indulgent mango shake use – ice cream, milk, mangoes & vanilla extract. Also enjoy it with your favorite toppings. For a home style healthy milkshake use – mangoes, soaked nuts and milk (dairy or vegan). I have used soaked cashews, chilled mangoes, coconut milk and vanilla extract. Mango milkshake is filled with important nutrients such as iron, protein, and beta-carotene. Further, Iron content is beneficial in the reduction of muscle cramps, anxiety, stress, and heart-related problems. Apart from this, mango contains vitamin A. Therefore, benefits eyes and skin too. Mango Shake (Mango Milkshake) is a cool and tempting fruit drink prepared by simply blending ripe mango pieces, milk and sugar. To keep things simple and easy, this recipe primarily explains how to make mango shake with milk. Creamy and luscious Mango Milkshake otherwise known as Mango Mastani is a popular summer drink from the city of Pune in India.  It is simply fresh mango blended with milk, sugar, cardamom and saffron. This might not be as popular as it’s cousin mango lassi or mango milkshake (which includes vanilla ice cream), but tastes delicious and is made with everyday ingredients. Sugar provides instant energy to the brain to function properly. If you are going for a fruity milkshake-like Heritage Strawberry Milkshake, it is a good source of fibre too. Most fruits contain vitamin C which boosts immunity. One glass of Mango Milkshake gives 252 calories. Out of which carbohydrates comprise 159 calories, proteins account for 24 calories and remaining calories come from fat which is 68 calories. Mango juice is among the healthiest juices around, with balanced calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, B, E and K. In one glass on Mango juice a substantial amount of minerals like potassium calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, selenium and sodium are present.